Australian Visa for Luxembourg Citizens

An Australian visa for Luxembourg citizens is available via online application since 2016. This implementation has made the process much easier.

Now Luxembourg nationals can get a tourist visa to Australia from any place at any time. The online application can be completed in an effortless way.

An applicant must fill out the form which involves providing some personal data and details about the trip, make the eVisa payment, and wait for approval.

An Australian electronic visa is sent to the applicant's email as a PDF document. The processing can take up to 72 hours but sometimes applications get approved even on the same day.

An eVisa to Australia allows its holders to travel to the country multiple times during the validity period that lasts one year. During each visit, a person can stay in Australia for 30 days.

What should you do to apply for an Australian visa from Luxembourg?

A person doesn't have to be an experienced PC user to apply for an eVisa to Australia from Luxembourg, as it is accessible to everyone. Only a few simple steps must be taken:

  1. Fill in all the required fields in the online application form. You will be requested to provide your name and surname, birth date, nationality, as well as some contact and travel information.
  2. Double-check the form to eliminate errors.
  3. Cover the processing fee. The Australian eVisa price for Luxembourg citizens is 49 Euro. You are able to pay through any option present on our website.
  4. Check the inbox. Within 72 hours, the electronic visa will be sent to the email address stated in the application form. The eVisas come in the form of PDF documents. It is not mandatory to print out an Australia eVisa but you can do it to have a paper copy with you just in case.

Processing time and fees for Australian eVisa for Luxembourg citizens

eVisa time of processing

After you fill out the form and make the payment, your application will be processed. There is no concrete time, but the usual period with our services is up to 72 hours.

It's important to fill out the form properly, check it for mistakes, typos, and blank boxes. These are the factors that may cause issues and prolong the processing time. Error-free applications are normally approved quickly - some of them even on the same day!

Still, don't wait for the last day before your departure to apply. It's better to do it at least 3 business days ahead.


The processing fee for a tourist visa to Australia is 49 Euro. It is the same for the citizens of all countries, with Luxembourg among them.

You should pay for the visa online - there are several secured options for you to choose from. You may prefer to use your debit/credit card or PayPal.

How long does an Australian visa allow citizens of Luxembourg to stay in Australia?

With an Australian tourist visa, Luxembourg citizens can stay for up to 3 months (90 days) per each visit to Australia. The number of such visits is not limited - the holders of this visa are able to travel to the country as many times as they want to - the main thing to remember is that eVisa must stay valid.

The period of effectiveness for an electronic visa to Australia is one year/12 months. If you are willing to return to the country, you must leave its territory for a minimum of 72 hours. Then you will be able to enter it again and spend there another 90 days.

Australian eVisa requirements for Luxembourg nationals

Required documents

A passport is the only document required from Luxembourg citizens in order to apply online for an Australian tourist visa. It must be valid for a minimum of 180 days (6 months) from the planned date of arrival.

An Australian eVisa is digitally connected to the applicant's passport. If there are any changes to its data (for example, a person changes their name or surname), the document expires, or its holder loses it - the visa becomes invalid. In this case, it is needed to apply for a new electronic visa.

Other requirements

Additional requirements have to do with the technical side of the application process. As an applicant doesn't attend an embassy/consulate and procedure takes place entirely online, they must have all the necessary to apply remotely:

  • a working device (phone, tablet, PC, or laptop);
  • stable internet;
  • the ability to pay online;
  • an accessible email.

Is Evisa Express services a secured option to obtain an Australian eVisa?

Evisa Express is an independent agency offering electronic visa services since 2016 and is not associated with the government.

The specialists of our company provide daily monitoring of the system and follow new information about visas, so our website is regularly updated.

All the data is secured by the SSL certificate ensuring the best security standards. You can be sure that your personal information and payment details are protected.

Our exceptional service quality and experienced support team will help you on your journey and you will never want to use any other company than Evisa Express!

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