Australian Visa for Japanese Citizens

An Australian ETA is an online visa  issued to citizens of Japan, Brunei - Darussalam, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, and Malaysia. It functions as an electronic equivalent  of a regular visa issued by embassies or other diplomatic posts. Applying for ETA, you don't even need to leave your home asthe whole application process can be completed via the Internet!

International conference, business meeting, negotiations, searching for potential business partners? Now, all tourism and  business activities are within your reach with an ETA. Deciding to submit an application for ane-visa, you will avoid unnecessary stress and standing in long lines at an Australian embassy.

All Japanese citizens must hold a visa to enter Australia. With ETA, its holder can visit Australia many times within a one-year validity period. Every single visit can be as long as 3 months.  

What do you need to apply for ETA from Japan?

The only document that you need to apply for an ETA is your valid Japanese passport. Provide your correct data in the application form if you want to avoid being asked to send a copy of your passport. As an ETA Australia is linked directly to your passport, check the passport's validity for the whole period of your stay.

Another required thing is to provide a current email address to which your visa will be sent. Once you have received your document in  PDF form, you don't need to print it, but be prepared to show your valid passport and e-visa at the airport.

ETA processing time and fees for Japanese citizens


The whole handling process takes up to 72 hours. However, it may happen that your ETA will arrive at your email inbox even the same day you applied for it! Please note that you cannot obtain your visa upon arrival at the airport, so you have to do it before your trip. Don't postpone filling out an e-visa application and make it at least 3 business days prior to the travel date!


The cost for your Australian ETA is only 49 EUR.

Australian ETA Application Form for the Japanese

The application process is easier than you might think. No matter where you are, you only need an electronic device, Internet access, and a couple of minutes.


  1. Prepare your valid passport, go to our main website, then choose the panel on the left side. The first step is to indicate the purpose of your travel.
  2. Next, click the button 'Apply Online' to fill out the e-visa form consisting of three stages in which you will be asked to provide your personal data. Make a payment for your visa and wait for an email.
  3. That's it! The only thing to do now is checking your e-mail.

The average processing time is 72 hours, but you should be aware that the whole application process depends on the Australian Immigration Service.

If you are traveling with children, don't forget to apply for separate visas for them!

How long can the Japanese stay in Australia with ETA?

The Japanese who obtained visas can visit Australiamultiple times, while the visa validity is one year, starting from the issuance date. Nevertheless, every single stay cannot be longer than 90 days. If you want to come back to Australia, you should leave forat least 3 days. After that time, your allowed stay period will be another 3 months.

Requirements for an Australian ETA from Japan

Apart from a valid passport, current email address, and valid credit or debit card, the Japanese applying online for a visa to Australia should meet some basic health requirements, including not being ill with tuberculosis.

Moreover, applicants cannot have a criminal record. Japanese holders of Australian ETA are also obliged to notify the Australian Home Officeof any change of email address or phone number while they are on Australia's territory.

Why should you use Evisa Express to get an Australian ETA?

Any doubts if using Evisa Express is safe? Don't worry about your personal data. Our sophisticated system operated by a well-experienced team ensures the safety and prevents any data leakage into unauthorized hands.

The percentage of positively processed applicationsis 99%, so it is improbable that your application will be rejected. But if so, your money will be reimbursed in accordance with our Terms of Service available on our website.

Are you still afraid of the formality and time-consuming process of obtaining the necessary permission to enter Australia? Don't waste your time. Plan your trip and apply for an  Australian ETA for Japanese citizens in a few easy steps with only a few basic requirements!

Should you have any queries, our support team is at your disposal. You can contact us via mail or phone.

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