Australian visa for Italian Citizens

eVisitor visa (subclass 651) functions as an equivalent of a regular embassy visa issued for travel or business purpose and can be granted to all Italian citizens and other European nations.

eVisitor is an electronic travel permit that allows entering Australia multiple times.

It is automatically linked to the applicant's passport. That is why during passport control, the eVisitor holder has to present these two documents to the controller. There's no need to carry a printed copy.

Travelling to Australia has never been easier than with an online eVisitor visa. Grab your passport and prepare for a short 3-step application process to obtain your Australian visa.

Choose an online eVisa application and save your precious time and money! The service fee is only 49 Euro

How to apply for an eVisitor visa from Italy?

All Italian citizens with valid passports can apply for an eVisitor visa. An Italian passport is the only required document that they need to fill the application form.

Start by clicking the 'Apply Online' button and providing all the required information.

Please, be careful when entering your data, as the correctness of information provided by you can be a direct reason for any problems in processing your application.

Another thing is your correct e-mail address. Make sure you enter the address that you regularly check so as not to skip the mail with your electronic Australian visa. You can also receive all updates informing you about your online application's progress to this e-mail.

Your visa application form requires paying a fee too. For this reason, you will have to prepare your credit or debit card. You can also pay using any other method available on our website.

Please note that you have to make an online application and obtain your eVisitor visa before your arrival. It's not possible to apply for an eVisa when in Australia!

Australian eVisitor processing time and fees for Italian citizens


eVisitor processing time is much shorter than applying for a regular visa in the Australian embassy. You can expect your Australian visa in your inbox within 3 business days, depending on what day you make an application.

Various holidays or submitting an online form at the end of the week may extend the processing time.

Nevertheless, in many cases, eVisitor visa applicants receive their electronic visas in just one day, while the standard time is 72 hours.


There is a visa fee that has to be paid by all Italian and other Europeans and is 49 EUR. The price can differ a bit according to the currency you will choose.

How long can Italian citizens stay in Australia with eVisitor?

eVisitor holders can enter Australia multiple times, whereas eVisa validity is one year starting from the day it was issued.

If you are going to Australia for a business trip or recreational purposes, your single stay cannot extend 90 days.

Are you wondering if there is any possibility of staying in Australia longer? Actually, you can do it in two different ways:

  • Firstly, you can leave the country for 3 days and after your return, spend another 3 months there.
  • In turn, if you prefer to be granted a visa for up to 12 months all at once, apply for a visitor visa. This option is an ideal solution for those who are already holders of expiring Australian visas and are willing to extend their stay in the country.

Requirements for an Australian eVisitor from Italy

Italian citizens need to travel with a valid passport that won't expire within at least 6 months from the intended Australian trip date.

Those traveling with their families have to be aware that it is required to obtain individual visas for every child and any other family member before arrival in Australia.

Like other nationalities, Italians must also meet some medical requirements, the most crucial of which is not suffering from tuberculosis. Moreover, they cannot have a criminal history.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Australian eVisitor?

It's nearly impossible that your application process will fail. 99% of positively processed requests can confirm our effectiveness.

Should your application process fails, don't panic! We will make all the effort to resolve your problematic issue or reimburse your money according to the conditions specified in our Terms of Service.

Don't postpone the formalities before your trip to Australia. Remember that you cannot enter the country without a valid passport and your Australian visa.

Save your time and avoid unnecessary frustration when waiting for your turn in Australian diplomatic posts!

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