Australian visa for German Citizens

Australian eVisitor functions as an online version of a regular visa to enter Australia. It isa multiple-entry e-visa to Australia issued to German citizens and other European nationals.

Since it is required by the Australian Home Office to arrange a visa before arrival in Australia, eVisitor facilitates the whole visa application and enables to submit it from whatever place on the earth, except Australia.

eVisitor can be issued in connection with leisure trips, business affairs, as well as short-term training or study programs not exceeding 90 days.

Now, you no longer have to plan your visit to an Australian embassy and appear there in person.

Using the online portal Evisa Express, you can submit an evisitor visa application form online in less than 15 minutes following a few easy steps!

What do you need to apply for an eVisitor visa from Germany?

There are actually two things needed to the online application for an Australia electronic visa:

  • Firstly, all the Germans trying to obtain the Australian eVisitor need to be German passport holders. To apply online for eVisitor, it will be obligatory to enter some data from your passport. In case you make a mistake, you can expect to be asked to submit a copy or scan of your document.
  • Secondly, the other important thing without which your application process's completion may be impossible is your email address. To this address, you will receive your evisitor visa, as well as any updates regarding the progress in your evisitor visa application. Don't forget which address you provided to follow any updates on your application and avoid potential problems with obtaining a PDF file with your Australian visa.

Australian eVisitor processing time and fees for German citizens


The processing time depends on the Australian Immigration Service - the entity deciding whether your visa application will be rejected or accepted.

As long as the online application form is filled out correctly, you can obtain your electronic visa within 3 business days. In many cases, applicants receive their visas on the same day!


The cost of the eVisitor handling process is 49 EUR.

Australian eVisitor Application Form for the German

The Australian eVisitor application form consists only of 3 stages:

  1. Firstly, you will be asked for personal information like, e.g., your planned travel date, travel purpose, and nationality. The application also requires indicating your e-mail address. You should provide the e-mail you use every day as your e-visa will be sent to that address.
  2. The second stage comprises making a payment for a visa fee. That is why you need a valid debit or credit card, or you can pay using one of the payment methods indicated in our online application form.
  3. After processing your payment, the only thing that you have to do is just wait for your eVisitor! Check your inbox and download a PDF file with your e-visa!

How long can German citizens stay in Australia with eVisitor?

German holders of eVisitor (subclass 651) can enter Australia numerous times as the visa is issued for one year, with its validity commencing on the issuance day. All Germans coming to Australia for business or leisure purposes are allowed to stay maximally 3 months at a single entry.

When you want to go back to Australia one more time enchanted with its beauty, you must leave the country for at least 3 days. After that period, you are allowed to return and enjoy another 3 months of Australian adventure. 

Those who plan a longer stay up to 1 year in Australia can apply for a different visa type - a visitor (subclass 600). A visitor visa is also a perfect solution for travelers who want to extend their visas which have already expired, and they would like to stay a bit longer in Australia.

How long does it take to get an Australian eVisitor from Germany?

On average, the citizens of Germany and any other European countries receive their visas within 72 business hours.

However, it happens quite often that your application is processed within one day, and a PDF file with your evisitor will be in your email on the same day you applied for it.

Don't forget to refresh your inbox!

Requirements for an Australian eVisitor from Germany

  • Any German applicant willing to obtain an Australian evisitor visa is not allowed to be on the territory of Australia at the moment of making an application.
  • Apart from the obligation of being German passport holders, German with dual citizenship who want to travel to Australia should be aware that their evisitor visa is linked to the passport provided in the application form. That is why they are obliged to travel with the very same valid passport.
  • All the German citizens making a trip with their children must obtain individual Australian visas for them too.
  • Moreover, if you go to Australia to work or your travel purpose is other than leisure or a business one, you will have to apply for a particular Australian visa type in the nearest Australian embassy located in Germany.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express from Germany?

Evisa Express acts as an intermediary between a visa applicant and the Australian Immigration Service to help obtain a visa without the necessity to leave your home. Our system is operated and continually improved by our technical team of experts. There's no reason for concern about the leakage of your personal data.

If you worry about the possibility of an unsuccessful outcome of your visa application process, maybe 99% of approved application forms will convince you that your concern is unjustified.

Do you still have any doubts concerning the e-visa application? We're at your service. Our helpdesk is ready to solve any of your problems and dispel any doubts. Apply with Evisa Express and create your Australian must-visit sites list as your trip of a lifetime is closer than you think!

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