Australian Visa for French Citizens

eVisitor (subclass 651) is an electronic visa to Australia dedicated to French citizens, as well as other European citizens.

The purpose of issuing an online visitor visa can be a touristic or business one.

French citizens can stay in Australia with an eVisitor visa for up to 3 months throughout the one year of its validity period.

To make your Australian trip possible, you can now apply online for an Australian visa at least 3 business days in advance.

Forget about never-ending paperwork and waiting a few weeks for embassy decision. Online application won't take you more time than 15 minutes!

What do you need to apply for an eVisitor visa from France?

If you are a valid French passport holder, you are one step away from getting your Australian visa.

Please be careful when typing in your personal information and make sure they are all correct. Otherwise, you will have to submit a passport copy or scan.

When going through the online application, you will have to provide an email address that you regularly use.

In case of a successful application, your evisitor visa will be sent in a PDF file there.

There is no obligation to print it out. You can submit it on a display of your electronic device during a passport control at one of the Australian airports.

Australian eVisitor processing time and fees for French citizens


Your eVisitor is only 72 hours (3 business days) away from you! But we have even better news for you - refresh your email box. Frequently, the processing time takes only one day. So be watchful!


All French citizens and other European nationals need to pay an Australian visa fee of 49 Euro.

Australian eVisitor Application Form for the French

No endless amount of paperwork attached! As it was already mentioned, your French passport is the only document you need to fill out the application form available on our website.

There are three steps of the whole application process:

  • The first step is to provide your correct personal data.
  • The second is to make a payment for the evisitor visa you are applying for.
  • The last thing is just checking your email box. It is easier than you would think, isn't it?

Should you encounter any problem or difficulty, you can contact our support team members, who are doing their utmost to resolve your issues.

How long can the French stay in Australia with eVisitor?

eVisitor (subclass 651) enables the French to cross the Australian borders many times, while the visa is issued for 12 months and its validity period starts on the day of its issuance.

Every business and leisure traveler coming from France can stay up to 3 months at a time.

Those who are willing to return to this spectacular destination can leave the country for 3 days and then go back to enjoy another three-month stay.

If you want to be granted a stay permit for up to 12 months, you can apply for a visitor visa subclass 600. This visa is an ideal option when you already have an expiring visa and will prolong your stay in Australia.

How long does it take to get an Australian eVisitor from France?

No matter from which country you are applying for your evisitor visa, the average time you will have to wait is 72 hours. Nevertheless, the duration of a handling process is determined by a decision of the Australian Immigration Service.

Please note that French citizens or any other European applicants must be outside the Australian country when applying for e-visa.

Requirements for an Australian eVisitor from France

Beyond a passport valid for at least half a year from the planned travel date, all French citizens have to meet some other requirements, e.g., being free of tuberculosis, and their criminal past cannot include a prison sentence longer than one year.

Moreover, you will have to pay a fee for your e-visa. That is why a valid credit or debit card is required. You can also make a payment using any other payment method available in our application form.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Australian eVisitor?

Perhaps you have heard many stories about online theft of personal data? Thanks to a sophisticated system supervised and continuously improved by our Evisa Express technical team, there's no need to worry about the possibility of your personal details being leaked.

Maybe you are scared of the darkest possible scenario in which your online application fails? On average, only 1% of applications are rejected. In most such cases, the applicants provide incorrect data. It is the main reason for an unsuccessful outcome.

Therefore, if you have found an extremely cheap airline ticket to Australia and you don't want to miss the opportunity to buy it, don't hesitate anymore and book your flight.

Maybe your French company takes part in an international conference in Sydney or any other Australian city? Whatever your travel purpose is, as long as it is related to tourism or business activities, you can visit Australia with the evisitor visa obtained with the help of Evisa Express services!

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