Armenia Visa Types

Armenia visas are not required for the most European and certain American or Asian countries. Without an electronic visa, it is possible to stay in Armenia for up to 180 uninterrupted days. After that period you will need Residence Permit, otherwise, you may pay a fine that could cost even 209 dollars.

To avoid overstaying you can re-enter Armenia, then you will have another 180-day limit stay.

Visa-Free Travel

As stated above, many countries in the world don't need a visa to visit Armenia (for example, all European Union countries, China, Japan, Argentina, or Australia). If you belong to this group, you can be in Armenia for up to 180 days (an extension for additional 180 days is possible by crossing the border and coming back).

Online e-Visa

You can apply online for an Armenian visa. In order to stay longer, you need to have a residence permit. The visa will be valid for 120 days and could be extended for 60 days.

In the visa application, you need to provide information, such as nationality, travel data, name, etc. Besides, you need to pay the fee.

Consider the fact that Armenia online visa is non-refundable and is issued in up to 3 working days. If you want to check the status of your visa, you can do it on the website and then you will receive an email.

Visa on arrival

Since 5 July 2022, it is possible to get a visa on arrival. Certain nationals (for instance, from Turkey, Bahamas, or Canada), and permit residence holders may get this type of visa.

What is more, Armenian citizens and natives (as well as their families) could obtain a visa on arrival.

Embassy-issued Sticker Visa

In some countries in Africa and Asia (like Angola, Chad, or Afghanistan), it is not possible to get an online e-Visa. In this case, nationals need to get a normal visa and visit the embassy/consulate. In this type of visa, you must have an Armenian sponsor who will send you an invitation letter.

Invitation letters

In case you can't have an e-visa or you don't qualify for visa-free travel, you need to get an invitation letter from a legal entity or individual. However, there is an exception for Syrian citizens who are able to obtain visas without invitation.

You need to fill out this document with the Visa Department of the Police when you submit as an individual, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it is issued by legal bodied.

Also, you don't need invitation letters when you have Armenian ancestors, or relatives. You just need to show evidence of Armenian origin.

Sometimes consular officers don't ask for an invitation letter (for example, when you are a permanent U.S. resident).

Classes of visas

We can distinguish a few classes of Armenian visas:

  • Tourist visa (including visiting family and friends)
  • Reunification of the family visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Attendance to cultural events visa
  • Visa for studies
  • Visa that enables participation in programs (charitable, humanitarian, etc.)
  • Work, business, investments visa
  • Crew members visa.

Long-term visas are not issued by Armenian embassies. For a longer stay, you must get a residence permit (you can obtain it only in Armenia).

Armenia visa requirements

At the Armenian embassy, you will be asked to present:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form
  • Colored, passport-sized photo.

Besides, you need to pay the fee and provide additional documents (such as hotel booking, invitation letter, etc.).

In the e-Visa case, you need to submit an e-Visa application form with personal/travel data, as well as email, and have a valid passport for at least 6 months with one page left for stamping.

Visa extension

You can also apply for a visa extension in case of an e-Visa at the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of Armenia, however, you need to get it before your visa expires. Moreover, you need to have a reason to extend your stay in Armenia.

You may also extend visa-free travel for additional 180 days. How? You just need to leave and re-enter the country, then your stay will be legally longer.

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