Qatar Visa Types

If a traveler doesn't have visa-free entry, they need to get a visa in order to visit Qatar.

Depending on the type of visa, it may be enough to apply for a Qatar e-Visa through the website or necessary to attend a Qatar embassy in person.

Qatar visas can be of the following types: tourist, business, transit, investor, visit, family, GCC resident, newborn, education, real estate, and return.

See more information on Qatar visa types below!

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Qatar allows foreigners to travel to the country for sightseeing and exploring the country.

The proper documentation for this Qatar visa includes:

  • bio-data passport page
  • face photo
  • flight ticket
  • hotel confirmation/other proof of having accommodation while in Qatar

This visa type has two categories: a short-term visa for 2 weeks and a long tourist visa for 3 months.

It is possible to apply for a Qatar tourist e-Visa online.

Business Visa

The business visa enables its holders to conduct business in Qatar temporarily. It is issued in two categories.

The first category is valid for 72 hours and can be used for short visits like attending conferences, congresses, meetings, etc.

The second category permits to expatriate workers or people to be involved in contractual work for a short term. This category is effective for up to 3 months. Persons willing to apply for an extension must have a health check.


The transit visa allows travelers to enter Qatar to able to pass to the next country of their journey.

The holders can leave the airport transit area and stay in Qatar for up to 24 hours.

It can also be obtained by employees whose job requires a short stay in the country, e.g., truck drivers or seamen having a transit in Qatar.

The transit visa can be received in a Qatari embassy before the trip.

Investor visa

The investor visa is for those who wish to invest in some business in Qatar. Holders of this visa can reside in the country without employment.

To apply for a Qatar investor visa, an applicant must have a health check-up, a certificate of good behavior a property ownership documents.

Visit Visa

To be eligible for a visa for a family visit, an applicant must have a relative in Qatar who will sponsor them.

This visa for Qatar is valid for one month and can then be extended for a period of up to six months for immediate family members (spouse and children). For other relatives, the extension period is 3 months.

Family Visa

For a family type of visa, the applicant's host family member must earn more than QR10,000 per month and work at least 6 months in their company.

The visa is granted under employment ship and allows one to bring their family members to Qatar.

In contrast to a visit visa, a family visa does not have an expiration date.

GCC Resident Visa

The GCC Resident visa can be obtained by GCC residents of particular professions.

It stays valid for one month, but then can be extended for up to additional 3 months.

Newborn visa

The newborn visa is issued to newborn babies (who are less than 3 months) visiting Qatar with their mothers.

The baby must be included on its parent's passport or have a separate passport. Both parents need to have a relevant residence permit.

The newborn's birth certificate must also be attached to the application

Education Residence Visa

The education residence visa is for those who intend to study in an accredited educational institution and stay in Qatar for the duration of the course.

This Qatar visa is issued by the Committee Reviewing Recruitment Applications and is accessible from Expatriates Affairs & Unified Services Centers of the MOI.

Real Estate Visa

The real estate Qatar visa is intended for real estate owners.

It can be obtained through the General Directorate of Borders Passports and Expatriates Affairs at the MoI.

The documents to enter Qatar under this visa are a relevant passport, a letter from an agency that outlines the property investment, a health check-up, and a good conduct certificate.

Return Visa

The return type of visa is issued to persons with an effective residency and prior entry approval that have been out of Qatar for a period that exceeds 180 days.

The necessary documentation depends on the employer.

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