To boost tourism in Qatar, the country's government has announced the introduction of three new categories of Qatar eVisa that will be immediately added to the previously operational Hayya Platform.

This decision is aimed at attracting more foreigners to Qatar by offering them a seamless visa application experience

The Hayya Platform was first implemented before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, when more than a million international visitors could obtain the Hayya Card via the platform.

According to the latest announcement of the Qatar Airways Group, the Hayya Platform will now be functioning as the single Qatari portal for all tourists planning to visit Qatar. 

Hayya eVisa categories

The Hayya eVisa categorization is to be based on the applicant's nationality, residency, or other international visas that they already possess.

At the moment, more than 95 nationalities can travel to Qatar without a visa. Some of them can obtain a Visa on Arrival, while others are entitled to a visa-free entry and stay. 

The three new categories of Qatar eVisa include:

  • A1 category: all nationalities not qualifying for Visa on Arrival or Visa-Free Entry
  • A2 category: Gulf Cooperation Council residents of all professions
  • A3 category: international visitors holding a visa or residency from the UK, Schengen, USA, New Zealand, or Canada

Qatar tourism expectations in numbers

Qatar has already been visited by more than 1 million visitors in the first quarter of 2023, including cruise passengers. 

The country's authorities wish to attract 6 million visitors to Qatar annually by 2030.

The visa policy modification is expected not only to boost the country's economy but also to create a number of job opportunities across Qatar.

The relaunch of the Hayya platform is also to speed up the status of Doha as Arab Tourism Capital and will enable nationals of more than 15 Arab countries to visit Qatar and enjoy the country's treasures.

Katarzyna Żyła

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