Nepal Visa Types

Nepal is a beautiful, mountainous country located in Southern Asia. If you would like to visit this destination, check the necessary documents required for visa application, and enjoy your journey to the Himalayas.

Visa to Nepal

The Nepalese Visa is required from everyone wishing to enter the country, except for Indian citizens who may enjoy their travel to Nepal visa-free.

If you are about to visit Nepal, you should fill in the online eVisa application form for the Tourist Visa and pay the mandatory processing fee. The official permit will be handed to you by the border officers on arrival in the country. The process is quick and simple.

Every entry permit that you receive on arrival at the chosen port of entry is a Nepal Tourist Visa. If you wish to stay in the country for reasons different from tourism, visit the Department of Immigration, where you may change the category of your visa.

  • Regular Visa

Foreign visitors are generally advised to fill in the online application form and then collect their visa on arrival in Nepal. However, if you wish to avoid lengthy queues at the border check, you may apply for a regular visa. Visit the Nepalese diplomatic missions stationing in your country, where you will be able to collect your entry permit to enter Nepal. It will stay valid for 6 months from the issuing date.

  • Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival is a type of permit you may receive at any port of entry (airport or border check) while visiting another country. To obtain the Nepal visa on arrival, first, fill in the application form. If you did it electronically before your journey, just present the officers with the printed version of your application confirmation. Then, make a mandatory payment for the visa. Finally, show your passport to the officers, and you are set.

  • eVisa

It is required for all foreigners to apply online for the eVisa (also known as Pre-Visa). It was introduced by the Nepal government to speed up the registration process on arrival. To proceed with the application, you need a good Internet connection and a working electronic device. The eVisa applicants still need to undergo the process of obtaining a visa on arrival at the border check. The online application grants you the Nepal Tourist Visa, a multiple-entry permit, with a validity of 15, 30, or 90 days.

  • Visa in Advance Requirement

There are 12 countries whose citizens are obliged to apply for a visa before their journey: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, and Zimbabwe. If one of these destinations is your place of origin, remember to issue your application early.

General Nepal Visa Requirements

It is advised to start your Nepal visa application online. The form highlights all the documents required while registering for a visa on arrival or changing the category of your visa at the Department of Immigration. Some papers are mandatory for everyone wishing to enter Nepal:

  • paper copy of the online visa application confirmation
  • copy of the passport valid for the next 6 months
  • proof of COVID-19 vaccination (or negative result of PCR test)

Types of Nepal Visa

You may travel to Nepal for various reasons, but remember that each visit requires a different type of visa. To change the category of your visa, visit the Department of Immigration and present appropriate supporting documents.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa is a primary type of Nepal visa. It is issued for all foreign citizens who wish to visit the country for leisure and sightseeing. The permit grants multiple entries to the country for up to 90 days. The requirements include:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • recent passport-size picture
  • return ticket
  • proof of accommodation in Nepal
  • proof of good financial standing
  • proof of visa fee payment

Work Visa

If you intend to perform work in Nepal, you need to apply for a Work Visa. Its type may be changed from the Tourist Visa at the Department of Immigration when you present suitable papers:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • work permit from the Department of Labor
  • work agreement from the Nepal Ministry of Home Affairs
  • recommendation letter from the Nepal Ministry of Labor
  • appointment letter or employment contract

Business Visa

The Business Visa is issued to foreign citizens who pursue business, attend professional meetings, and make investments. It may be transformed from the Tourist Visa by presenting suitable documents:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • copy of the Company’s Registration Certificate
  • recommendation letter and foreign acceptance letter
  • business progress report from the Department of Industry

Press Visa

The Press Visa is recommended for journalists and press representatives working in Nepal. Registration for this visa type requires:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • recommendation letter from the Department of Information
  • special Nepal Press Council Identity Card

Marriage Visa

The Marriage Visa is issued for foreigners who wish to join their spouse who is Nepalese and resides in Nepal. The application requires the spouse's presence and the necessary documentation involves:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • marriage registration certificate (if foreign, along with a verification letter from the Embassy)

Relationship Visa

You can apply for the Relationship Visa if you are a family member of a Nepalese citizen. Remember, this certain relative must be present with you while visiting the Department of Immigration and presenting the required papers:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • relationship certificate or another proof of kinship
  • citizenship certificate of your relative

Study Visa

The Study Visa is issued for those who intend to attend university, do research in Nepal, or teach. The most important documents both for students and teachers are respective recommendation letters from Nepal Government.

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • proof of good financial standing (for students)
  • recommendation letter and acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education (for students)
  • appointment letter and general agreement from Nepalese educational institution (for researchers)

Residential Visa

If you want to permanently move to Nepal, you need to apply for a Residential Visa. You will not be permitted to perform any paid work, but you may reside freely in the country. The procedure requires:

  • online application confirmation
  • valid passport
  • copy of the Nepal Tourist Visa
  • proof of visa fee payment
  • bank statement and proof of regular yearly income
  • character certificate, health certificate, and no objection certificate from the Nepal Embassy

Diplomatic Visa

The application for the Diplomatic Visa requires you to be a holder of a diplomatic passport. It will be valid for 30 days from the date of entry. You need to fill in the online registration form and sent the necessary documents to the Nepal Embassy, including:

  • online application confirmation
  • letter from the respective foreign Ministry or Department
  • original of the diplomatic passport
  • copy of the diplomatic passport

Official Visa

You are eligible for the Official Visa if you are a staff of a diplomatic mission to Nepal, a technical expert working in Nepal, a UN official, or simply a holder of an official passport. This visa may be applied for at the Embassy after completing the online registration. The same documents are required as in the case of the Diplomatic Visa.

Transit Visa

The Transit Visa on arrival allows for staying in Nepal for 24 hours. To be given this permit, show the immigration officers a printed copy of your online application form, a copy of your valid passport, and proof of further travel (for example, a flight ticket).

Visa Application

The application process consists of two steps. First, you should complete the online registration. Then, collect your visa on arrival in the country.

You should supply the online application questionnaire with relevant personal information, such as first and last name, date of birth, nationality, contact details, selected Embassy or Consulate, number of your passport, and the type of visa you wish to apply for. You will also be asked to make the processing fee payment.

When the transaction is processed, you will receive the confirmation of the online eVisa application to your e-mail address. You must present it with supporting documents to the immigration officers in Nepal.


All visa types, except the Transit Visa, allow visiting Nepal for 15, 30, or 90 days. With this multiple-entry travel permit, you may cross the borders numerous times. What is more, it is possible to extend your stay period, but remember to start the process at least 15 days before the expiration date.

International Traveler Arrival Form

The International Traveler Arrival Form is a mandatory health declaration concerning COVID-19, introduced by the Nepal authorities. It requires information about the traveler's general well-being and their accommodation in Nepal. It should be registered online and printed beforehand.

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