The Best Phone Applications for Travelers

A smartphone is a very useful device with many functions - one of them enables downloading convenient applications.

A smartphone is a very useful device with many functions - one of them enables downloading convenient applications and even applying for a visa electronically. Tourists may benefit from this, as many travel apps are available online. However, it is not so easy to find the best mobile program that helps with trip plans. You can waste your time or even money and be frustrated. In this article, we will provide all worthy and helpful apps for adventure seekers. Check the list and enjoy the stay even more. is a very popular app that allows you to book accommodation with ease. Thanks to it, you can find information about the room you would like to reserve for your vacation. The process is very intuitive and convenient, as it can be done within a few clicks from any part of the world.

You just need an internet connection and a mobile phone. Then, download the app, register or log in, and enter the necessary information, such as destination, length of stay, and number of guests. Finally, pick the place that meets your needs, provide personal data, and cover the fee with the available method of payment. And that is all.


This application offers searching, comparing, and booking trips or travel attractions around the world. Thanks to it, you can save your money and time, as well as read reviews or learn about the activities of your choice.
You just need to select the place and what would you like to do there. Then, read more information about it (price, safety measures, what to expect, etc.) and see the ratings/opinions left by other users. You can choose the number of guests and dates to see availability. This app is highly recommended by travelers.


If you want to find a cheap flight, this app is designed for you. Skyscanner shares many sources of information to provide the best options for travelers. You can use a lot of filters and organize the results depending on the duration, price, airline, etc., to find the best flight that will suit your needs.

One of the most interesting features of Skyscanner is the possibility of finding flights to every spot. Just enter the dates and departure airport, and see where you can go according to the price and other options. Save your time and money with this application.


TripIt is a perfect solution for those who want to create travel itineraries. This free travel planner helps with organizing flights, hotels, restaurants, and so much more in one place.

Your plans will be accessible online or offline, and you can use features like travel stats, document storage, sharing capabilities, carbon footprint, nearby interesting places, and safety scores of the neighborhood. Besides, you have an option to try a premium version with additional functions.

Xe Currency Converter

Xe Currency Converter is also worth mentioning, as this app provides currency exchange and international transfer of money. Now, payments can be incredibly fast and straightforward. The app is also a free solution for those who do not want to be ripped off and wish to stay on budget. The whole process is safe, so you do not need to worry about losing your money.

Google Translate

This well-known, free application can be life-saving when it comes to communication abroad. It is very intuitive for users - they just need to enter the text on the left and see the translation in the selected language on the right. Even though the application is not perfect, it can be used for basic conversations.

You do not need to be online to have access to translations, as you can download languages earlier and be offline. The application also reads text aloud, so you can hear the proper pronunciation.

Google Maps

Another application from Google that can be very handy is Google Maps. It is possible to check your surroundings, roads, distance, places, and attractions intuitively. You just input the data and get all the necessary information.

During travel, it is a perfect option that can help you out with the location. What is more, the app has many other useful features, such as timelines, offline maps, popular times of visits, or location sharing.

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