Oman Visa for US citizens

Details and requirements for US citizens who want to travel to Oman with an electronic visa permit to Oman. See what documents do you need to prepare and what visa types can you choose between!

Oman Visa for US Citizens

All US citizens need a visa to travel to Oman. Oman visa for US citizens is now easily obtainable online. All you need is a valid passport and an active email address. No visits to the Embassy are required to see the country of Oman.

Oman's government makes it easy for tourists and business travelers alike to visit, providing multiple eVisa options tailored to different trip durations and entry/exit needs.

There's also a unique option available only to American travelers. Read on for more information on the requirements, how does one get their permit, and the different visa types.

Oman visa types for US citizens

Single Entry visa for US citizens

The first type of single entrance visa we'll discuss is best for very short trips, of 10 consecutive days or less. Travelers from the United States:

  • May stay in Oman for up to 10 days
  • Must use their entry permit within 30 days of approval
  • Can enter/exit Oman only once

Single Entry visa for US citizens

The second type of single entrance visa is suitable for longer trips of up to 30 consecutive days. With this option, travelers from the United States:

  • May stay in Oman for up to one month
  • Must use their eVisa within 30 days of approval
  • Can enter/exit Oman only once

Multiple Entry visa for US citizens

The standard multiple entrance visa has more flexibility than the single entry options. Travelers using the multiple entrance visa:

  • May stay in the country of Oman multiple times within one year following the date of the first entry, each stay of up to 30 consecutive days at a time
  • Must use their visa for the first time within the first month directly following its issuance
  • Can enter and exit Oman an unlimited number of times during the year of their visa's validity

Multiple Entry visa, US citizens only

In addition to the above three options, United States citizens may also seek a multiple entrance visa with a more extended visit than the others: up to 6 months within 10 years. This particular option for US citizens has the following characteristics:

  • Visa must be used within the first month of visa issuance
  • Once your permit is used, it becomes valid for 10 years following the date of the first entry
  • Within those 10 years, American citizens can stay up to 6 months in Oman
  • American citizens can enter and exit Oman numerous times during those 10 years

This generous and flexible eVisa option is available only to US citizens and can be obtained quickly and easily with the Evisa Express website. Have your passport ready and get a visa to Oman quickly!

Omani visa requirements for US citizens

No matter what type of tourist visa to Oman should you choose, the requirements are the same for all countries eligible. Everyone who wants to apply online for tourist visas to travel to the government to Oman needs to prepare the following:

  • a valid passport that will not expire for the next six months after the planned date of entering Oman (a legible scan of the bio-data page)
  • applicant's photograph

If you have an active email address, apply online within a few minutes from home to enter Oman without any problems! No visits to the Embassy are needed.

Please note! Whenever your passport expires, so does your eVisa permit. A new one is required to obtain for every citizen of the United States upon losing your passport, changes to its' data. or it's expiry.

The eVisa application process for US citizens visiting Oman

Getting an official, government-issued eVisa to Oman is easy for US citizens who apply using our visas services. Without visits to the Embassy, use any working device with an internet connection.

The average application approval time is just 31 hours, and our success rate is 98%. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather the necessary documents described in the previous section (passport and a photograph) and choose the visa type you need.
  2. Click 'Apply Online' and fill the form with your data, information about your travel, and attach the necessary documents.
  3. Pay the visa fees (69 Euro, 99 Euro, or 149 Euro). The costs depend on visas type.
  4. Receive an email with your application confirmation number
  5. Wait for the application's successful approval! Once your application has been processed, we'll email you with your approved eVisa. The average waiting time is 31 hours, though times do vary on a case-by-case basis.

After receiving your approved eVisa, all applicants need to is to print it out and have it ready to show the authorities at your entry point into Oman.

Please note! Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the intended date of entry into the country of Oman.

Evisa Express: With you all the way

In Oman, the desert and unspoiled coastline's raw beauty meets the splendor of ancient tradition, creating an atmosphere of luxury even for tourists on a budget. Oman also has a thriving economy, drawing business travelers from all over the world.

As soon as you start your application process, Evisa Express is there to help. Our eVisa experts are ready to respond to all questions and queries 24/7. Evisa Express: You take care of your trip ? we take care of your visa.

Should you need any help regarding the process of applying online for the Oman visa for US citizens or need any further information, do not hesitate to contact our support team (available via phone and email).

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