Indian Visa For Australian Citizens

Today, Australian citizens traveling to India can apply for a pre-approved eVisa using our services. Obtain your entry permit that will stay valid for a whole year! Spare a few minutes and make an online application.

Indian Visa for Australian Citizens
Australian citizens can choose between three different eVisa to India types. Each type of electronic visa serves a different purpose of usage. Choose the one that suits your needs best and make an online application within a few minutes from home!

Today, Australian citizens traveling to India can apply for a pre-approved eVisa before their trip. Getting an eVisa means reducing time and expenses during the application process and a much more comfortable experience entering the country by air. eVisas have replaced traditional Indian Embassy visas in the vast majority of cases where Australians are traveling to India for:

  • tourism,
  • business and conferences,
  • medical treatment.

Read on to see what requirements Australian citizens need to meet and how to complete the application process correctly! Australians need a visa and a valid passport for their Indian trip.

India eVisa types for Australian citizens

Australian citizens who wish to visit the country of India can do so for three purposes mentioned in the previous section. India visa for Australian citizens costs 129 Euro.

See what the different visa types to choose from are:

  1. a multiple-entry visa for tourism purposes (e-Tourist Visa): allows its holders to visit India for a total of 90 days, either all at once or throughout numerous visits
  2. a multiple-entry visa for business purposes (e-Business Visa): that enables a total stay of 180 days, either a consecutive stay or multiple visits that sum up to 180 days
  3. a triple-entrance visa for medical purposes (e-Medical Visa): medical visa holders may stay in India for 60 days at once or 60 days in total laid over 1-3 visits.

The e-Tourist and e-Business permits stay valid for one year from the date of issue, while the triple-entry medical visavalidity is 4 months.

India visa requirements for Australian citizens

Visiting India no longer requires going through a tiresome process of obtaining a regular visa at the Indian embassy. India eVisa is entirely obtainable online upon meeting the requirements.

Obtain your visa online, but first, see if you meet the following requirements:

  • you have a valid travel document (an Australian passport) that will not expire for the next 6 months from the planned entry date to India
  • you have a photograph of yourself that meets the passport photo standards
  • if you apply for a business or medical permit, you will need an additional supporting document in the form of a letter of invitation from the company you'll be working with or a written document from the hospital in which you'll be undergoing the medical treatment

How can Australian passport holders apply online for the India visa?

All Australian citizens must apply for an Indian tourist visa to travel to India. Fortunately, if you have a valid Australian passport and meet other requirements described in the previous section, you may make an online application from the comfort of your home. There is no need to visit an Indian embassy.

Foreign nationals that have prepared the essential documents may start the visa application process:

  1. Provide your data in an application form for a visa for India. Attach a legible scan of your passport's bio-data page and applicant's photograph. Attach additional documents if you're traveling for business or medical purposes.
  2. Pay the 129 Euro Indian visa fee using your credit card or any other online payment method from the several available. Receive a confirmation number.
  3. Wait for your approved Indian visa to arrive at your e-mail address in a PDF form. The processing time may take up to 3 business days (72 hours).

The final processing time lies within the Government of India; however, the average processing time is just 51 hours from applying!

Benefits for Australian citizens applying for the Indian visa using our services

All Australian citizens using our services to apply for a visa to enter India are guaranteed to receive the following benefits:

  • a 51-hour average processing time
  • a 96% rate of successfully approved applications
  • easy, quick, and intuitive process of applying for the eVisa India
  • support team available via e-mail and phone to answer all of your questions and resolve all of your eVisa issues
  • a team of experts thoroughly checks each application to make sure it's free from any errors before submitting it further to the Indian government for approval

Remember to have your valid passport and a printed copy of the valid visa on arrival in India for control of the customs officials on your travel. Business and tourist visa is valid for one year, except for the medical visa that is valid for 4 months.

Apply for your eVisa with your valid passport 3 days in advance of your travel and receive it at your e-mail box!

Final Words

India is truly a land of enchantment, with lush forests, spectacular wildlife, deep history, and an astonishing array of cultures, customs, and cuisines. It's also more accessible to Australian citizens than ever before, thanks to the country's eVisa program introduced by the Indian government.

Apply for the Indian visa for Australian citizens and obtain the visa online. You don't have to contact the nearest Indian Immigration Department or embassy to handle your entry permit. Have a printed copy of your Indian visa on arrival in India and enjoy your travel!

Dawid Stawiarski
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