How to Travel Cheap? Our 15 Best Tips [Infographic]

Below, we are happy to present our 15 best tips that you can use to travel affordably.

Traveling is one of the most exciting things that we can do. From walking through some of the most historic sites in the world to enjoying beautiful locales, travel offers significant meaning to life. 

That said, there is a significant wrinkle here. Whether you want to explore hidden gems in your home country or some of the most well-known locations on planet earth, traveling can be expensive. Returning home, you may find your wallet much lighter.

Ultimately, however, there are ways to travel cheaply. Below, we are happy to present our 15 best tips that you can use to travel affordably.


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1. Develop a Plan 

One of the easiest ways to spend too much money while traveling is to travel without a plan. It is tempting to settle for the first restaurant or easiest transportation option—even if it is extremely expensive. But by creating a plan before you leave, you will avoid unnecessary expenses while you are on the road. 

2. Travel During “Off-Peak” Times

Traveling to a destination during peak times ultimately results in higher flight and hotel costs. On the other hand, traveling down during off-peak times will lower your overall expenditures. Make sure to complete some extensive research to find the popular (and not-so-popular) months at your destination. You will thank yourself later.

3. Pack Efficiently 

While this is a seemingly smaller tip, it can save you some significant cash. Most notably, packing light can help you avoid any checked baggage fees. If you have to take several flights throughout your trip, these fees can be steep. Instead, pack lightly and store your baggage in the overhead bins.

4. Target Tuesday Travel 

According to several studies, Tuesdays are the cheapest days for airline travel. Therefore, it is in your best interest to plan your departure or return flight (or both) on a Tuesday. While it may be difficult to plan your vacation around midweek travel, doing so can save you hundreds (or potentially thousands) of dollars. 

5. Book Flights Early 

This is intuitive advice, but it is always a helpful reminder. By booking flights earlier rather than later, you will be able to find lower—perhaps significantly lower—flight fares. When doing so, spend some time completing thorough research. Doing this, you may discover a terrific rate that you should quickly lock in.

6. Find Budget-Friendly Accommodations 

Along with flights, your accommodations probably make up some of the most expensive costs during your trip. Therefore, it is in your best interest to search for some budget-friendly accommodations when you travel. This can be everything from a cheaper hotel at your destination to an affordable, yet comfortable Airbnb. 

7. Leverage Public Transportation 

Especially if you are visiting a large city, public transportation can be a terrific way to save cash when traveling. Whether you choose to ride the subway, take a bus, or ride on a streetcar, public transportation is often a quick, easy, and cheap way to get around your destination. 

8. Get Around with Bicycles 

Along with public transportation, you can save money by renting a bicycle at your destination. Bicycles are a unique, fun way to take in your destination—all while getting a great workout. Make arrangements before you arrive at your destination so that you can seamlessly travel by bicycle throughout your trip.

9. Stay Away From Taxis 

Taxis, for as convenient as they can be, are often expensive. This is especially true if you are taking many taxi rides or are traveling long distances at your destination. Rather than resorting to pricey cab rides on your journey, we encourage you to use the transportation alternatives listed above. 

10. Pick Travelers’ Brains 

Especially if you are visiting a destination for the first time, you can save significant cash by speaking with others who have been to your destination. Don’t be afraid to ask them about bargain accommodations, travel, and restaurants. In all likelihood, they will be happy to share their experiences and advice.

11. Local Markets are Your Friend 

Rather than going to that fancy restaurant, you may want to go to local markets. They can be attractive dining options. Not only are they cheaper than restaurants, but they can offer some unique and delicious cuisine. By eating like a local, you will have a more authentic experience while you are on your vacation. 

12. Take Advantage of Street Food 

Along with local markets, eating street food can be a great way to save money while traveling. Street food can be delicious and can represent the personality of your destination. Before consuming street food, however, find some recommendations so that you are eating the best possible food at the lowest price. 

13. Check Out Free Attractions 

Free attractions are another great way to save cash. No matter your destination, you are sure to find some free attractions that are quite entertaining. Before leaving on your trip, do some internet research to find the best free attractions at your destination. We’re confident you will find something great. 

14. Buy Local SIM Cards 

If you are traveling abroad, you will definitely want to consider purchasing SIM cards in your destination country. Making international phone calls is certainly expensive. Ultimately, the cost of purchasing a local SIM card at your destination will be much less than the cost of phoning friends and family at home. 

15. Avoid ATM Fees 

Finally, avoiding ATM fees will play a significant part in lowering your travel expenses. While the precise cost will depend on your bank and the ATM that you use, these fees are not insignificant. Rather than paying these unnecessary fees, use a credit card or bring enough cash from home. 

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1 June 2020
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