Canada Visa for Australian Citizens

A guide for Australian citizens on visa permits needed to travel to Canada. What kind of visa do you need and how to prepare before going.

Canada Visa for Australian Citizens

Is travelling to Canada from Australia troublesome? What kind of permits do you need? Do Australians even need a visa to Canada? Read on to find out how to prepare for a trip to Canada for Australian citizens.

Australian citizens travelling to Canada by air need to apply for an eTA. Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an obligatory visa permit to have when crossing the Canada border by plane.

Do Australian citizens need to visit the embassy to obtain an eTA?

There is no need to visit the embassy to get the Canadian eTA permit, nor wait in long queues or deal with an inconvenient amount of paperwork.

You can get a Canadian visa entirely online. The application process takes less than 15 minutes to complete; all you have to do is use your phone, laptop, or any other device with an internet connection.

More about eTA for Australian citizens

More important information about eTA to Canada includes:

  • e-Visa to Canada is valid for 5 years from the issuing date
  • it is a multiple-entry visa that allows numerous visits to Canada
  • each stay in Canada cannot be longer than 6 months at a time
  • eTA costs 49 Euro

Australians that have the Electronic Travel Authorization can visit Canada multiple times within the validity period.

What do Australian citizens need to prepare before applying?

Visa requirements are elementary. Please make sure that you have:

  • a valid Australian passport: this is an essential condition to meet. Your Australian passport has to be valid for at least 6 months forth from the intended departure date.
  • an active e-mail address: besides having your passport ready, you will also need an active e-mail address. You must have access to the e-mail box you provide in your application form. ETA, once approved, arrives directly at your e-mail address.

Please remember that whenever your passport expires, so does your eTA. Make your application online upon meeting the visa requirements and travel to Canada, a wonderful and diverse country.

How to complete the application process?

How to apply for an eTA? All Australian citizens that have met the requirements described above can now apply online. Please follow these steps to complete the application process:

  1. Fill an online application form with your data, passport details, e-mail address, and state the purpose of your travel to Canada.
  2. Make the payment using any of the available methods of online payment.
  3. Once your payment is registered, check your inbox for the confirmation number. You can check the status of your e-Visa processing using the confirmation number. Within the next 72 hours, eTA will arrive at your e-mail address.

Once approved, eTA links directly to your passport; there is no need to print it out; however, we recommend keeping an extra copy on your mobile device. Visiting Canada with eTA is easier than ever before!

ETA processing time for Australian citizens

Although making your visa application to Canada should take you less than 15 minutes to complete, Canada eTA processing time can take up to 72 hours.

Some applications are approved only within a couple of minutes, and the average processing time is just 16 hours when using our services.

98% of the Canada eTA applications are successfully approved thanks to our team double-checking all the provided information for correctness.

Benefits of applying for Canada eTA with us

All Australian citizens with Canadian eTA linked to their passport can enter Canada numerous times. Which e-Visa agency should you choose to make your travel to Canada happen?

Here are the main benefits of applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization using our services:

  • we make sure that your application will be successfully approved by carefully checking all the data you provide to avoid issues and delays
  • in case your application would fail to be approved, we grant reimbursement according to our Terms of Service
  • we ensure stress-free travel and visa-handling experience
  • applying using our services is straightforward and effortless

You can apply from home or from wherever you want! Once you enter Canada with eTA and your passport, remember that one stay cannot exceed six months at a time.

Travelling from Australia to Canada has never been more simple. Apply for eTA today, and may your dream journey come true! Explore Canada, a diverse, multi-cultural country, fully!


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